"So in this episode, titled “Breaking Glass,” Jennifer Morrison said, “You’re going to see Emma really fight to prove to Regina that she wants to be a friend, that she wants to have a good relationship with her.”"


hmmm so basically another parallel with the “fight for the people you love” arc, interesting…….

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swan queen

Emma: Everyone, Regina knows how to find the Snow Queen, so we're reluctantly teaming up to find her.

Snow: Reluctantly?

Emma: What?

Snow: You said you're reluctantly teaming up.

Regina: That's right.

Henry: If you're "reluctantly" working together why are you both holding hands?

Emma: ...err.

Regina: The cold. It's so cold and neither of us has gloves.

Emma: Thats right, the cold.

Hook: We're indoors.

Emma: ...so we are. Huh, I hadn't noticed.

Snow: That's not the only thing you haven't noticed.

Emma: What?

Snow: Your pants.

Emma: What about them?

Charming: You're not wearing any.

Emma: Oh my god! Regina, why didn't you say anything?

Regina: Two very good reasons, and I'm staring right at them.

Henry: *sigh* I am never getting out of therapy.

swan queen